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:::::: Fire Informer IPES ::::::


It is designed to find the fire and generate the alert signal.

Area of use

  • Fire- and explosion-dangerous parts of the rooms and the external facilities.
  • Warehouses of the flammables and the lubricants.
  • Fire- and explosion-dangerous industries, sea platforms, sea ships.
  • Also as a part of the firefighting systems.

General technical specifications

Principle of operation

Optic, multiple spectral ranges

Power supply

 24V 6V (through the separate wire)

Work temperature range

from -60 to +90 С

Connection channel

RS-485, 4-20 mА, ‘dry contact’

Work regime

continuous, around the clock

Survey angle



up to 25 m (by TP-5, TP-6)

Launch time, not more

5 s (possible to set the delay time from 0 to 5 s with the step of 1 s)

Energy consumption

Regular mode 1 W

Alert mode 3 W

Explosion proof code

lExdllCT4T6 by GOST R 51330


  • Possible to hook up the external control and firefighting systems
  • Digital output RS-485
  • Corrosion protection and broad temperature range which allows for the use the device under the tough
    conditions (in the aggressive media) and in the non-heated places, including open areas
  • Malfunction relay
  • Optics contamination control
  • Selectivity

Informer body protection degree - IP66. Fire safety certificate № SSP. RU.OP002.V.01277.
Approval to use of the State Technical Control of Russia № RRS 04-9915

There are the following modifications of IPES





It has two ranges of the hydrocarbons flame detection (infrared/ultraviolet). The detection distance is up to 25 meters and
more (depending on the selected sensitivity). High speed of launch
. High resistance to the false launches due to the use of
the algorithm of the signal generation only after both IR and UV sensors react.



Ultraviolet range of the flame detection for the substances not containing carbon: hydrogen, heated metal and others.
Not sensitive to the sunlight and electric arc. The detection distance is up to 30 meters and more. High resistance to the false launches.



Infrared range of the flame detection. Does not react at the sunlight and artificial sources of light, electric arc welding.
The detection distance is up to
26 meters and more.



Multiple spectral ranges infrared flame informer has three infrared ranges of the flame detection with the large sensitivity range.
Reacts at the gasoline flame with the area of at least 0.1 m2 at the distance of at least 64 meters. High selectivity and sensitivity due to the use of three IR sensors.



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