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:::::: Gas Monitoring System SBG  ::::::

It is intended for the automatic control of the airborne natural, hydrocarbon liquefied gases and
carbon monoxide in the industrial and residential areas, for the alert signal launch and for the termination of
the gas supply if previously set values of the gas content are exceeded
Technical specifications


SBG-4 (for CO)

Work temperature range, C

from +5 to +40 C from 0 to +50 C
 Alert signal launch value

105 % LEL

1st – 20 mg/m3

2nd – 100 mg/m3

 Life time without control
and tuning of the launch value
at least 1 year  at least 1 year
 Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz

220 V, 50 Hz

Electric capacity  10 W

10 W

 Reaction time, not more, s

10 s

1st – 30

2nd - 45

Sensor type

 semiconductor electrochemical
 Electric shock protection
class by GOST
2 2


Residential areas, equipped with natural gas devices (stoves, boilers); boiler rooms of various capacities on natural or liquefied gas; stores, warehouses, restaurants; medical, children and educational facilities; natural gas stocks, chemical laboratories; bath-houses, saunas and so on

Possible to supply the gas monitoring system SBG without the electromagnetic valve (by the demand of a customer) to work as gas presence signal device

Device with a valve

Pipe diameter, inches



SBG-25 1

Features and benefits

Works from 220 V outlet
Simple to install and use
Long life time
Has sound and light indication
Small size
High sensitivity
Certificate of correspondence ROSS RU.ME 35.V00366


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